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Fonesalesman Qi Products Review: 2018 Edition

A couple years back, I took a look at some Fonesalesman devices for another entity I was briefly with. That review no longer exists, so I thought I would take another look. Wireless Qi charging is extra relevant right now. First off, any competition has been finally vanquished with PowerMat admitting defeat and joining forces with Qi. Second, the best popular device in the world has finally adopted Qi Wireless charging. With the iPhone finally added to the mix from the factory, Qi products look to be even more popular.

One thing hasn’t changed since I wrote that review. Fonesalesman’s products were among the first and are still among the best Qi devices out there. Its time to take another look.


WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition

The WoodPuck is still a standard speed first generation Qi charger. Compared to the newer 7.5w and 10w fast chargers, it’s a bit slow. But, honestly I don’t care. Its reliable, its well made, and the bamboo just looks awesome. Its everything that a Qi charger should be. I place my iPhone X on the night stand at night and its magically at 100% when I wake up. That’s where the beauty lies. Its not about speed, its about convenience. Its much easier to remember to place your phone in a certain spot than it is to remember to plug in a cable when you’re tired. There’s also a bit of safety involved with not having a cable plugged in. When you pick it up to take, you just go.

The downsides to this charger, its slower and it doesn’t do data. That’s about it. I can live with both them for the applications I use for the charger. If you have any phone with Qi, you simply can’t beat the WoodPuck. It retails for $59.99, but is a far more reasonable $29.99 on Amazon



The QiStone+ is one of the more interesting batteries on the market. The looks are pretty self evident from the name. It looks like a big pebble and it has Qi charging. Actually it has double Qi charging. The QiStone+ has Qi transmitter on top to transmit to your device and a receiver to be charged by Qi. It also has a MicroUSB port and a USB-A input for charging another device from its 4000mAh capacity. That’s enough for at least one charge from every device on the market.

While Fonesalesman markets it as a mobile Qi charger, its really not. It’s a Qi charging pad that also works as a portable battery. It must be plugged in to the wall to transmit power. Still this doesn’t take away from the QiStone+’s impressive versatility. This is the Qi Device you travel with. It provides extra power to your phone via cable while on the go and charges your phone while charging itself at night. I can’t recommend enough that everyone have one.

The QiStone+ can be found on Fonesalesman’s website for $79.99.  Or you can get it on Amazon for $69.99. Steep yes, but worth every penny.



I love the the two devices above. I will freely admit that. The third time is, unfortunately, not a charm. The MusiQi is a fantastic concept, but just a poor execution. The sound is the worst from any portable speaker than I have used. I’ve tested a lot from small bathroom units to premium bluetooth speakers costing hundreds of dollars. A-Bing it with my also $50 (and frequently on sale for much less) Best Buy Insignia NS-SPBTBRICK-C wasn’t even close and not in Fonesalesman’s favor. The MusiQi sounds very thin with no bass response. Its not a great Qi charger either with the height and small surface area. Button placement is not he opposite side of the charging end. So its a one or the other proposition at any time. Is a jack of two trades and not remotely a master at either.

Do yourself a favor and buy the QiStone+ and a bluetooth speaker. You can find it for $39.99 on Amazon, but please don’t bother. Its not worth it.


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