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Start of the 2nd Quarter

Start of the 2nd quarter and new stuff.

Well here we are at the start of the second quarter.  It’s also a brand new month.  I have lots going on with and we are finally starting to see the fruits of all my labors.  So I wanted to get you all up to date on what we have going on.  And what you can expect from the coming weeks and months.

  1. We are signing the lease this week on a new office.  This will allow us to make great videos and also give us a “Home Base”.  It isn’t going to be very big.  It is just a good solid place that will allow us to concentrate on giving great content and also allow us to have guests.
  2. We are setting up the groundwork for a weekly podcast series.  It will be video and we will also put the audio up on Soundcloud.  This will give us the freedom, and you the listeners to download and take with you while on the go. The videos will all be on youTube, and we will also post a link so that you can download them as well.
  3. We have a couple of things being reviewed.  We are going to do reviews a little bit different.  Yes you will get the good, bad and ugly stuff.  But, we are also going to be diving down into the guts of things that we review.  We will explain a lot more than just why something is good or bad.  We will give you the reasons why and explain the tech behind things.  One criticism about this, is that the post and videos will be long and boring.  Long most likely, boring, doubt it.  For we are going to concentrate on content and making things easy to understand and learn.  That is the first propriety for all that we will do.
  4. I have made the decision to not have ads on the web pages.  this comes down to me hating the ads that pop up right in the middle of the page when you are reading something.  not only does it take away from the content, but it shows that, the organization that has that site, really doesn’t care about your experience. To me that just shows that money is more important than your experience.  You will see ads in videos and also sponsor segments, but never on the site.

I am really pushing hard to bring great content and thoughtful content.  I’m not making stuff, just for the sake of making stuff.  This is a self-funded site. I don’t have corporate people I have to answer to.  Nor do I have accountants.  I will continue to post great articles and also articles that help everyone learn.

My commitment to this site and to those who read it, is to not betray your trust.  You will get great stuff from here.  Your ideas are always welcome and your thoughts are as well. We have a great community starting over on our Ryver channel.  You can email me and I will be more than happy to send you an invite.

And thank you very much for taking the time to read everything on this site and also for believing in what i am trying to accomplish here.


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