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Cords of Steel: The One Cable Everyone Needs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s difficult to innovate when it comes to cables. There’s just not that much you can do. But another company has found a way,Cords of Steel. This could be the only cable you need for most of your devices.

So is Cords of Steel a Lightning or Micro USB cable? The answer is yes. Not that it’s either or, it’s both and fully reversible. I use it to charge my iPhone and Apple TV remote and then charge my Beats headphones and test Android device. It’s truly remarkable. It’s been 100% reliable in the time I’ve had mine. The right angle connector prevents some breakages and the connector sheath will work with the majority of cases. It works with a lot of cases that were designed around Apple’s own connectors. The main sheath is also long enough to work with protection cases.

The casing is metal so you would think it’s a direct competitor to Fuse Chicken’s offerings. It’s really not. While metal, the Cords of Steel is regularly flexible and much thinner. The Fuse Chicken is more rigid and will stand up to more abuse. Think of this as the Stryker or Bradley to Fuse Chicken’s M1 tank.

The Cords of Steel comes in five different colors: rose gold, gunmetal grey, silver, blue, and the multi-color rainbow. At $24.99 for a 6 foot cable, the cable is premium priced, but not so much so to be unaffordable. A USB-C only version is also available.

This is a product I cannot recommend enough. Its fully flexible, yet far tougher than nylon cables. It works with both Lighting and Micro USB devices, and its dependable. Its simply one of the best cables on the market. Period.

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