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5 Reasons why the Razer phone is perfect for kids

I recently wrote a review of the Razer Phone. For the most part I liked it, but there were a few things that just keep me from recommending it to people other than those who love to game on their phones.  Well as I was watching a kid play with an iPhone in the grocery store, it all the sudden hit me, how the Razer phone is the perfect phone for a child.

Now I know what your thinking. Why on Earth is he writing about kids and phones when this site is about technology.  Well it comes down to how the technology in the Razer phone actually is more beneficial here in this instance than any other phone!

So let’s get down to my 5 reasons why the Razer phone is the best phone for kids.

Reason 1 – The speakers

So this one is pretty simple.  With the front facing speakers, it gives the user the best experience for sound on any phone, or tablet.  But it’s a bit more than that.  These speakers we know are just stupidly good. They are the loudest, best tuned and clearest speakers on any smartphone to date.  Nothing is like them.

It’s because they are so good, that makes them perfect. Because they produce good quality sound, the kid doesn’t have to turn the volume up as loud as it can go, just to hear the game or video. Because of this, it not only helps the child not bust their ear drums, but also keeps the parents from going insane 🙂

Reason 2 – The speakers

Wait what???  Yup, they are also the second reason.  Because the speakers are front facing, and because they are bigger than your average bear, they allow the child to actually hold the phone properly.  Not having to hold it in a funky way so that they don’t cover up the bottom firing speaker.  Or not accidentally hitting capacitive keys.  Or even the on screen buttons.

Because this allows the child to hold the phone easily and not really disrupt the sound, you can still have all the benefits of reason 1 and still be comfortable.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about how hard they are holding the phone or if they will accidentally drop it.  This allows the kid to have a good, solid, all hands on grasp on the phone.  And we all know how expensive it is to replace a screen that’s been damaged due to dropping……

Reason 3 – 8GB of RAM

Now we are talking tech.  Most phones now a days have 3, 4 or even 6 GB of RAM.  But with 8GB of RAM, the Razer phone will still have a lot of teeth in the game for the next couple of years.  This is a good thing.  For if you can keep this phone for several years, about 4 then you will have gotten your monies worth. And that is always a good thing.

8GB of RAM will allow this phone to be able to keep up with all the apps that come in the future.  Plus, it allows the phone to utilize less of the 835 processor, which means the phone can be used longer without sacrificing performance.

Reason 4 – The display

Oh I know, I killed the screen in my review.  But hear me out.  Most kids aren’t going to be playing a game is the super bright sunlight.  SO the brightness doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is one important thing.  The refresh rate.  Yup, that’s what I’m talking about.

As games get better and better.  And as screens get more in lined with what the computer industry is doing, it is imperative that the display be able to keep up with what is going to happen in the future.  Having the ability to change the refresh rate from 60, 90 or 120 Hz, allows this phone to not only be utilized properly for battery performance, but also allow it to be ready for the games of the future you will utilize 120 Hz refresh rate for better and smoother game play.

Again, this one little thing helps the Razer phone last longer than the “normal” or “average” phone.  If you haven’t ever experienced game play on the Razer phone at 120 Hz, you are missing not.  It’s that good.

Reason 5 – SD card

So while this might make sense for obvious reasons.  It really comes about from having spent a lot of time traveling for work. When I flew a lot I would put a few movies on a SD card and then play them on my laptop while I was on the plane.  While it was nice, I would much rather of been able to watch a movie on something less cumbersome to use on the plane.

So having the ability to put a SD card in the phone and utilize it for movies and such, is the perfect thing for a kid while on a trip.  The phone is able to handle up to 2TB of Class 10 SD card. So while you can get a SD card that’s 256GB which is what most people will use, you can now get a 400GB card.  Putting that into context, if you burn a copy of your blu-ray discs, and they come to an average of 8GB per file, you can get 32 and 50 movies on the cards respectively. That’s a lot of movies for a trip.  So everyone in the family can watch what they want.

Being able to go up to 2TB just means it has some leg room to handle more data.  And as we know, more is better!

Bonus reasons

  1. Battery – Lasts for freaking ever!  Nuf said
  2. Display – accurate color representation.  Makes everything awesomely pretty
  3. Case – Put it on the phone, and it makes laying it on a flat surface to watch anything super easy
  4. The three snake symbol is just cool


So while it seemed like a crazy idea to think about this, it actually makes perfect sense.  Is $700 too much to spend on a kid for a phone.  Oh hell yeah!  But, if you bought the phone and then decided to get a different phone, it makes the perfect phone to pass down to the kiddos.

Just saying…. it is good to pass things down to the younger generation……..


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