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Review: [Fuse]Chicken Gravity Touch Fast Qi Charger

Review: [Fuse]Chicken Gravity Touch Fast Qi Charger

Back earlier this year, we took a look at some first generation Qi products. There are also newer generation fast charging pads that delivery up to 10W on compatible devices. Out friends at [Fuse]Chicken recently began making their own take on Qi chargers with the Gravity line. With [Fuse]Chicken’s excellent track record with cables that go above and beyond the norm, we had to check these out.

There are three models in the Gravity Line: The Gravity Lift, the Gravity Touch, and the Gravity Auto. The Gravity Lift is a stand model and Byron will tell you more in his review. The Gravity Auto is pretty self explanatory by its name. My review will be on the Gravity Touch.

If there is one word to describe the Gravity Touch at first glance, its quality. There’s a nice leather top, a quality machined aluminum ring with beveled edges on the sides, and even the back of the device is impeccable. Its similarly shaped and not much smaller than my iPhone X. To be perfectly honest, I have tried to pick up the Gravity Touch a couple times thinking it was my iPhone X.

It doesn’t excel at just form, but function as well. Its superior to other Qi chargers I have use in every way. Its flat candy bar shape makes a perfect platform for smartphones. There’s no guesswork when it comes to placing your phone. Center it on the Touch and it charges just fine. At 10W for a Samsung and 7.5W for compatible iPhones, it charges quickly. One simple choice that I really life, unlike some competing units, the Gravity Touch does not have its own speaker. The device itself tells you if its charging. Lastly, it has increased range compared to Qi chargers I have used in the past. The current case which is thicker and includes a kickstand would not charge on the 5W Fonesalesman Puck. It charges just fine on the Gravity Touch. In short it checks off every box I can think of for a wireless Qi Charger

Pricing and Availability

The Gravity Touch is $44.99 for the Leather Model. There is also a 5w Bamboo model for $39.99. In the 10w market, this is an extremely fair price. In fact, $45 will typically get you a charger without the build quality and with a less stable circular design. You can find them both on [Fuse]Chicken’s website. Some of their products are also available at Best Buy and on Amazon.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely well made
  • Fast charging
  • Stable platform for charging
  • Plenty of range for thicker cases
  • Fair Price


  • Didn’t give the winning lottery numbers.

Final Thoughts

[Fuse]Chicken’s entry into the wireless charging arena does not disappoint. The Gravity Touch is well made and well priced. Most of all it does exactly the job its designed for. I highly recommend this product.

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