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HTC Re – HTC’s best invention

Why the HTC Re camera is the best thing HTC has built!


I know, I know….you are probably throwing a whole bunch of question marks at me right now.  How could I say that this one little thing, can be the best thing ever?  Well hang with me and let me tell you a little story.

First off, I’m not going to do a review. If you want to see that, go see a great review HERE!

Secondly, bear in mind this is my opinion. You are more than welcome to your own view and opinions! 

One of the great things that I enjoyed about being part of the Geek House was that on the weekends I got to take my daughter up there and play some ping pong and also let her run around, listen to some great music on the, just saying, bad ass Sonos system, and let her see how cool technology can be.  

So a while ago, I happened to see the Re cameras on sale for $99.  I grabbed it faster than a pig eating an ear of corn. And proceeded to see what this little thing can do.

Later on that day, I grabbed my daughter and to the Geek House we went.  If you have ever had a 4 year old, or baby sat for one, then you know that they have energy that comes from some special place in the universe that adults don’t have access to.  

The good thing was the Geek House had a natural race track built in.  I’m not sure if that was by design, or just a lucky coincidence, but it worked great when you are chasing a little one around on a little scooter.  

Once the vehicles were set, and the starting point was established, camera in hand, it was on.  Now I’m not going to show you the entire 6+ minute video, but here is a little snippet.  CLICK HERE

Now as John said, when there is low light, it doesn’t give as great an image quality.  In fact you can see how much grain there is at the first part of the clip.  But once we got into the light, it cleared up nicely.  Now granted we are moving a lot and it is a bit shaky, but I could not have shot this video with anything other than the Re.  I picked up a GoPro off of Carter’s desk, just to see how it would feel in my hand.  And while yes, technically, I could have used one, it was very cumbersome to hold and to stay on axis with just two fingers.  My phone (Nexus 6), let’s just say that stayed on a desk.  And the HTC M8 that I had with us, wasn’t going to do the trick either.  

The Re just fits in your hand perfectly.  The ease of use is astounding.  And to be honest, I don’t know of any other device that is simply a point and shoot kinda thing.  Yes you have phones, and little cameras like the GoPro, but they aren’t waterproof right out of the box.  They can’t do the things that I am able to do with the Re, without some extra attachment.  Here is a second clip of us walking up to a bookstore. HERE  Again, all I did was pull the Re out of my pocket and hold the button for two seconds….That’s it!

So why is this the best thing HTC has ever produced?  Simply because it is so freaking simple to get exactly what you want.  It takes great pictures!  It shoots awesome 1080p video. It is small enough to put in any pocket you want.  Front, back, side or a purse. It is waterproof and on top of everything else, a child can literally use it.

I have hundreds of photos…that I have deleted…that my daughter took. No matter where you have it, it will always be ready for you to just pull out and use.  Sure, it would be nice to have OIS.  And the capability to shoot RAW.  But if those are the only two things I have an “issue” with, well guess what.  I don’t have any issues…..  

Would I recommend this little piece of technology heaven?  Heck yeah.  At around $130, depending on where you look, that isn’t that bad of a price.  I got it at $99 and haven’t looked back.   For all those parents who are on the go, and try to take videos of their little ones, or want to live stream something, this is the perfect tool. So get you one, and get outside

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