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Contest give away

1st quarter contest giveaway!

Here at I want to do things a bit different.  I not only want people to come her to learn and enjoy the community, but I also want to give some great stuff away.  So I have decided that every quarter I am going to give something away.  Could be anything.  You never know.  But at the end of every quarter, someone is going to get something.

These contests are open to anyone and in any country.  So there isn’t a restriction to this.  No you won’t have to like me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.  Or do any number of stupid crap to get in the contest.  All you will need to do is put in your name, email address and that’s it.  Nothing else.

Everyone will be able to win twice per year.  So if you are lucky, then you might get some good stuff TWICE!!

Now for the thing I am giving away.  I am giving away $250 smackers….green backs, cold hard cash..Well in the form of a gift card of your choosing.   You can get it for your favorite store, or just a general Visa card.  Your choice!

And for those folks in different countries, I will make the necessary changes to make sure your getting the equivalent amount in your currency.

So stay tuned for the sign up information and all that fun stuff.


UPDATE!!   And we are a go.  See the information below.


[contestfriend contest=”45″]

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